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Company Of Heroes Gold Edition

company of heroes gold edition

    gold edition
  • The terms special edition, limited edition and variants such as deluxe edition, collector's edition and others, are used as a marketing incentive for various kinds of products, originally published products related to the arts, such as books, prints or recorded music and films, but now including

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New Electronic Arts Sdvg Battlefield Bad Company 2 Gold Edition Product Type Xbox 360 Game Shooter

New Electronic Arts Sdvg Battlefield Bad Company 2 Gold Edition Product Type Xbox 360 Game Shooter

Product Reviews??Players reenlist for more mercenary combat through massively destructible environments in Battlefield: Bad Company 2. A direct sequel to the original, the game has players resuming their place among the AWOL squad that found its fortune at the end of the first Bad Company. Picking up the plotline soon after the end of the first game, the story follows the group through the rocky Russian border and beyond, with missions set in dense jungles and barren deserts as well as snow-covered mountains. Buildings and other objects of all sizes can be damaged or destroyed completely, with the right firepower at the right time and place. Players can proceed through each mission as they see fit, be it through stealthy ambushes, keen tactical strikes, or heavily armed frontal assaults that leave nothing but smoldering rubble in their wake. As in the first game, players customize their characters by choosing an equipment kit before the start of each mission. In Bad Company 2, four basic kits are available: Assault, Engineer, Recon, and Medic. Each gives the character special abilities and limitations, encouraging squad-mates to support one another and work together as a team. As in earlier Battlefield games, players may commandeer vehicles they find in their missions, including motorcycles, patrol boats, tanks, and Blackhawk helicopters. Characters earn experience for killing enemies and accomplishing mission objectives. Experience points can be spent to upgrade the character. Player characters can also collect dog tags from the enemies they take down. In addition to the single-player campaign, the game supports a variety of online multiplayer options, including an assault-style "Rush" mode in which teams take turns defending and attacking crates of valuable cargo.

89% (16)

René Cresté, Edouard Mathé

René Cresté, Edouard Mathé

French postcard by Coquemer Gravures, Paris. Photo: Gaumont. Still for Judex.

Rene Creste (1881-1922) was a French stage and film actor and director of the silent film era. He is best remembered as the amazingly cool title character in the crime-adventure serial Judex (1917-1918), directed by Louis Feuillade. Judex was the first superhero of the cinema.

Rene Creste was born in Paris, France, in 1881. He began his acting career on the stages of Paris as a jeune premier in plays such as Claudine a Paris (Claudine in Paris), by and with Colette, Ruy Blas by Victor Hugo and Adrienne Lecouvreur by Eugene Scribe. In 1913, Alphonse Seche engaged him for his Nouveau Theatre d’Art to play leading roles in several of his plays. Creste was also signed to a contract to the Gaumont Film Company in 1908. Little is known of these first film appearances as they are considered lost. For Pathe he appeared in La chatte metamorphosee en femme/ The cat transformed in a woman (1910, Michel Carre) with Carlos Avril. In 1912 he began appearing in a series of mystery shorts directed by Leonce Perret for Gaumont. These films included La bonne hotesse/The good hostess (1912, Leonce Perret) with Suzanne Grandais, Le mariage de Suzie/Suzie’s Wedding (1912, Leonce Perret) with Suzanne Grandais, and Par l’amour/By Love (1913, Leonce Perret) with Jean Ayme. At the onset of the First World War, Creste enlisted in the French army and actively participated in the fighting. Injured and demobilized, he resumed his acting career at Gaumont studios by the end of 1915 and appeared in Son or/His Gold (1915, Louis Feuillade) with Yvette Andreyor, Dernier amour/Last love (1916, Leonce Perret) with Valentine Petit, and Le roi de la montagne/The King of the Mountain (1916, Leonce Perret) with Fabienne Fabreges. In 1917 he played in several films for Louis Feuillade, including Le passe de Monique/Monique (1917, Louis Feuillade) with Edouard Mathe, Mon Oncle/My Uncle (1917, Louis Feuillade) with Musidora, and Les petites marionnettes/The small puppets (1917, Louis Feuillade) with Edouard Mathe.

Rene Creste was then cast for his greatest role – Judex, a positive hero who stole to help the poor. In 1916, Feuillade and writer Arthur Bernede had begun to develop a surrealistic character called 'Jacques de Tremeuse' (aka Judex) - a mysterious avenger who sports a signature long dark cloak, a wide-brimmed black hat, and a fatalistic air. Judex (which means Justice) appears and disappears like a ghost, and would appear to have mild hypnotic powers. He is a master of disguise, and an excellent fighter. He commands the loyalty of an organization composed of circus folks and redeemed apaches. Finally, he flies a plane and has a secret lair, where he interrogates his prisoners through a ‘television’ screen - everything Judex writes on the screen on his desk appears on a similar screen on the wall of his victim's cell. The character's arch-nemesis was the callous banker Favraux, who had carelessly driven thousands of people into bankruptcy. The serial began production in 1917 and was released the same year in its first installment to critical and public praise. Jefferey M. Anderson at Combustible Celluloid call Judex an ‘unalloyed masterwork’, “establishing Feuillade as one of history's greatest directors. He had an uncanny knack for finding shocking beauty in simple images, such as a gate or a wall or an antique car driving down the road”. The character of Judex is widely recognized as one of cinema's first superheroes. Rene Creste, who was already popular among female audiences, now became an immensely popular film star. Judex also starred Musidora as villainess Diana Monti, Edouard Mathe, Gaston Michel, the young Rene Poyen, and Yvette Andreyor. Simultaneously with the release of the serial, a novelization, signed by both Feuillade and Bernede, was released, first as a serial in Le Petit Parisien, then in a collected edition by Tallandier. The following year a sequel was made, La nouvelle mission de Judex/The New Mission of Judex (1917, Louis Feuillade), which landed Creste definitively in ‘le Pantheon du cinema’, as Philippe Pelletier writes so beautifully at Cine Artistes.

Following the success of Judex, Rene Creste appeared in the serials Tih Minh (1918, Louis Feuillade), and Vendemiaire (1918, Louis Feuillade) with Edouard Mathe and Mary Harald. Both were less successful than Judex. He also appeared in the films L’homme sans visage/Eyes Without a Face (1919, Louis Feuillade) with Gina Manes, L’engrenage/ The gearing (1919, Louis Feuillade) with Genevieve Felix, and L’enigme/Enigma (1919, Louis Feuillade) with Fernand Herrmann. Then Creste founded his own film production company, Films-Rene-Creste, for which he produced and directed Le chateau du silence/The Silent Castle (1919, Rene Creste) and L’aventure de Rene/Rene’s Adventure (1921, Rene Creste). His last film was Un coup de tete/A Whim (1922, Rene Creste). All wer



Today was a very hard today. I almost lost my son in a drowning incident. We have been experiencing alot of floods in the area of Colorado where we live. Today was one of 'great proportions' due to the little lake we live on. After the rain and hail the kids decided to check out the flood and what had turned into a raging river just outside my door. My friend had taken the kids to the side, before any of us knew what was happening, my son was under the water and flying downstream. Nobody could see Isaac, we just knew he was under and was gone. My dear sweet Elijah started running down the bank where the waters hadn't quiet reached (My friend was in a panic and froze), and had seen Isaac's little body being tossed upon the rocks where he tried to grab Isaac, but Isaac was once again torn away. At that split second, Elijah made a very brave decision and jumped in after Isaac. (I can't stop crying). Both Elijah and Isaac should have been dead at this point, but by the grace of God Elijah had gotten ahold of Isaac by his neck and grabbed on to some tree branch and pulled Isaac out of the water and then was able to save himself.
Isaac is in recovery now, he asked me to take a picture of him and Elijah by the stream that almost claimed his life. Isaac is very weak and sore due to all the water that was ingested and is pretty beat up from the rocks, Elijah looks worse. Please pray for complete recovery for both the boys and that Isaac will be able to get some rest.
This picture was taken hours later and the water had come down about 3 feet, but you can still see some of the waves in back.
Thank you Elijah, you are a very brave boy! Most people call you trouble maker, but this is the day i call you...HERO.

company of heroes gold edition

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