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Dungeon Keeper Gold Vista

dungeon keeper gold vista

    dungeon keeper
  • Dungeon Keeper is a strategy video game released for the PC in which the player attempts to build and manage a dungeon or lair while protecting it from (computer-controlled) 'hero' characters intent on stealing the user's accumulated treasures and killing various monsters.

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dungeon keeper gold vista - Dungeon Keeper

Dungeon Keeper 2

Dungeon Keeper 2

If you built it they will succumbProduct InformationCreate the most wicked loathsome underworld imaginable. Dig out yourunderground kingdom. Populate your dungeon with a variety of beasts suchas the Skeletons Dark Elves Trolls and evil Warlocks. Prepare them forbattle with training rooms workshops and magical libraries. With the helpof the dreaded reaper conquer your enemies and expand your empire in your questto defeat the King and invade the land heroic good.Product Features Build the Dungeons of Your Darkest Dreams First construct a nightmarish floor plan. then direct your Imps to dig out the tunnels rooms and chambers for your new home. Slap them around if they are not working fast enough. Infest Your Dungeon with Vile Beasts Discover a portal so evil creatures can find their way into your domain. Mine gold to pay their wages build places for them to rest in and a hatchery where they can feed. Put Your Minions To Work For You Construct training rooms to improve the fighting skills of your dungeon dwellers a library where they can research and learn devious new magic spells and a workshop to create new traps to thwart encroaching do-gooders. Battle the Forces of Good Fulfill your strategic role as the evil overlord leading your wicked hoards in combat against those righteous heroes. Cast devastating spells to crush your enemies and support your minions. Or join the action at dungeon level by possessing your creatures and battling from a first person perspective using special spells and abilities. Entertain the Creatures of Your Dungeon Keep your minions happy by creating casinos where they can drink and gamble. Or build a pit arena where they can gain combat experience or sit back and enjoy the fights from a ringside seat. Torture Chambers are popular attractions for those who like it rough.Windows Requirements

79% (7)

De retour après 4 vide-greniers le dimanche 14 Juin 2009

De retour après 4 vide-greniers le dimanche 14 Juin 2009

Un beau butin accumule dans 4 vides-greniers en Loire Atlantique. De belles offres comme le Resident Evil Zero pour meme pas 2 euros ou le Dungeon Keeper sur PC en tres bon etat.

Dungeon Keeper

Dungeon Keeper

A seemingly arrogant funnel web spider. We find a lot of such spiders in the lush green Western Ghats of India. This one also was shot there.

dungeon keeper gold vista

dungeon keeper gold vista

Dungeon Keeper 2

Be the Dungeon Keeper, ultimate ruler of your dark creepy networld. Build a Dungeon. Monstrous warfare. Wicked perspective. Mulitplayer warfare. Downloadable updates.

There are many games that let you tear through dungeons with a group of adventurers as you loot, kill monsters, and build up your strength for the final showdown with the evil beast that runs the place. Dungeon Keeper 2 reverses these traditional roles by letting you run the dungeon. You get to stock your custom-made deathtrap with creatures, set traps, and generally make life as miserable (and short) as possible for the heroes foolish enough to invade your lair.
Games such as the old Wizardry 4 and the original Dungeon Keeper have operated under this concept, but no game has done it this well. Starting with a little hole in the ground, you command your minions to start digging tunnels, mining veins of gold, and clearing out rooms to house the nasty creatures you'll eventually generate and recruit. Everything is rendered in colorful 3-D, and the special effects are especially satisfying.
Beware: This isn't a game for the kiddies. Characters like the Mistress, who is rewarded by being tortured, are strictly for adults. That "Mature" ESRB rating is there for a reason. If you like building games like SimCity and can appreciate Dungeon Keeper 2's dark sense of humor, it's hard to beat for wicked fun. --T. Byrl Baker
Terrific 3-D graphics and overall production values
Twisted sense of humor
Lets us play a fantasy game from the bad guy's perspective
Definitely an adult game: don't let the kiddies anywhere near it
A little too easy to master

The Heroes have returned, determined to thwart your plans of reaching their sunlit world. Can a pact with the mighty Horned Reaper finally enable you to realize those dreams of desecration? Only by satisfying the cruel need of your dungeon minions, while striving to crush the foolish adventurers who are plundering your domain, will you prove yourself a worthy keeper.
Dungeon Keeper 2 introduces deliciously wicked new traps and original rooms, inhabited by a bestiary of creatures with unique talents and devastating spells.

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